Our Wine Menu

Red wines

Husker Red

Semi-Sweet Red. A sweet, fruity wine made from the popular concord red grape. Rich, with a distinct "grape jelly" aroma.

Bella Notte

Sweet Red. This wine has the natural fruitiness of fresh blackberries, a delicate fruit fragrance, and complex flavors.

Wild Crush

Sweet Red. This wine is renowned for its sickly sweet taste. Just smooth, not watered down or syrupy. Delicious blueberry taste.


Sweet Red. A sweet berry wine. This is a signature sweet wine with the richness of your favorite berries. Ultra rich blueberry-blackberry flavor.

White wines

Apple Crisp

Semi-Sweet White. A flavorful and fresh apple wine made from 100% apple juice. Like that first bite into a just-picked apple.

Ad Amare Vino

Sweet White. A sweet white wine made with Muscat grape juice (Moscato). Tastes of pear, peach, and orange blossoms.


Seven Mile Winery is not licensed to prepare or serve food. Occasionally, we will host a food truck or other similar food vendor. Information about scheduled food vendors will be posted to our Facebook page on those occasions.